New Features & UX Improvements In The Mobile Apps

Recognition enhancements, custom event enhancements, new posts module, file enhancements, locations UI enhancement and more are just some of new additions to the MangoApps iOS & Android Apps

Recognition Enhancements

  • Ability to give recognition to specific members in a team has been added in iOS and Android Apps
  • Recognition as a top level module is now available. The module includes
    • List of all recognitions given
    • Recognition leaderboard of people & teams
  • Profile page of user has a tab to show the recognitions they have received

Files Enhancements

  • Ability to set & edit meta data / custom fields on a file can be from the mobile apps now
  • Ability to set & edit hashtags on a file can be done from the mobile apps now

New Posts Module on Mobile

  • Posts is now supported as a top level module on mobile clients
  • Users can filter posts by category and by type of posts like announcement posts & must read posts
  • Posts that are converted to voice can be listened to in MangoApps. Voice posts can also be subscribed in the apple podcast app
  • Full list of new post features is detailed here

Create & View Custom Events on Mobile

  • Create any type of event including custom event from the mobile apps
  • Filter events based on type to quickly view events of interest
  • Full list of new custom events features is detailed here

Private Messages With Rich/HTML Support

  • Ability to send & view rich text message is now supported from mobile apps
  • Replies to private message now also support rich text controls
  • Full list of new private message features is detailed here

Incoming Email to News Feed with HTML Support

  • Email forwarded to a project, group or department email alias will now be rendered with full HTML supported on mobile apps
  • More details of HTML support in news feed is detailed here

Locations UI Enhancements

  • Location view now supports the following meta fields / custom fields on mobile (like supported on the web interface)
    • Link field
    • User name link field
    • Phone link field

Mobile UI & UX Improvements

  • Feed card actions bar UI has been cleaned up with actions to react, comment & pin it
  • Post viewer, wiki viewer & page viewer UIs have been improved with better layout of actions & insights
  • Company module usability & navigation improved along with direct access to landing page content
  • Navigation between modules inside a project/group/department simplified

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • RSS widget is now supported on mobile dashboard
  • MangoApps for Android app has be upgraded to push mobile notifications using FCM
  • Mobile apps now support deep linking to project/group list by category and project/group/department specific modules
  • Domain admins set all profile settings (e.g., read-only field, required vs optional, field value limits, order of fields) will be effective in mobile apps also (like supported on the web interface)

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