MangoApps Web Features & UX Improvements

From this release onwards, the news feed data can be filtered by 1 or more of your teams, a new WYSIWYG quick links widget is available on dashboard and pages, RSS feeds in team and company pages are now supported.

1. Filtering of News Feed by 1 or more teams:

  • There is a new News Feed setting that you can turn on and it would show a filter bar of your teams (projects, groups, departments)
  • You can click on 1 or more teams in the filter bar and the news feed below refreshes to include the feeds in the selected teams only. Clicking on the selected team again resets the filter.
  • More recently updated teams appear before on the teams filter bar.
  • Selected teams are remembered across multiple user sessions on that platform.


2. New WYSIWYG Quick Links Widget:

  • The new quick links widget comes with 4 WYSIWYG layout templates.
  • Links with both images + text and text only are supported.
  • A list of pre-shipped icons in multiple sizes has been made available to help quickly put together a quick links widget.
  • Quick links widget is available on user’s dashboard, company and team pages
  • The quick links widget will work on web & mobile apps


3. RSS Feeds on Company  & Team Pages:

  • Intranet admins and team admins can now add RSS widget to any of the pages in MangoApps.
  • RSS feeds configured would be seen to everyone in the company (for company pages) and everyone in the team (for team pages).
  • User can’t edit the widget added by the admin in company and team pages but they can add their own RSS feeds widget (as before) on their dashboard.

4. Misc UI/UX & Other Improvements:

  • Wikis table of contents UI has been improved to respect the header hierarchy.
  • Clicking on a shortcut on the primary navigation bar to open any MangoApps page has been improved to not collapse the bar reducing delay and mis-clicks.
  • Team admins can now invite guest users into their projects without requiring the domain admins to enable domain-level invite settings
  • Wiki get API now return wiki tags as well.