MangoApps Release 17.0

In MangoApps’ 17.0 release, we’ll be launching new employee journey-based campaigns; employee journey-based campaigns will enable you to send a series of targeted communications that are personalized, smart & automated. These campaigns will help you increase employee engagement and enhance the employee experience in your company. In this release, we’ll also launch an integrated company rewards store in the MangoApps recognition module, enabling you to deliver end-to-end, personalized recognition programs to employees. Employees will be able to redeem the reward points for gift cards, enabling companies to build a culture of gratitude.

The 17.0 release will also include enhancements to posts, customizable reactions, video transcripts using AI, new federated search data sources (Freshdesk & Github), improvements to the LMS module, pronoun & pronunciation enhancements in employee profiles, standardization of user mentions, improvements in social advocacy, new mango recorder app, customizable platform onboarding for mobile first customers and much more.

The detailed list is as follows:

  1. Personalized, smart & automated employee journey-based series campaigns
  2. Rewards store integrated to deliver end-to-end recognition programs
  3. Federated search with Freshdesk & GitBook as new data sources
  4. Posts gets new enhancements to further improve the internal comm experience
  5. AI-generated transcripts for videos to enhance video experience & find-ability
  6. Customizable reactions aligned with your rapid communication use-cases
  7. LMS module gets 8 new improvements
  8. Employee profile enhancements using pronoun, gender & pronunciation capabilities
  9. MangoApps schedules module now integrated with UKG’s Kronos WFM system
  10. Miscellaneous improvements to the MangoApps platform for end users
  11. Miscellaneous improvements to the MangoApps platform for administrators
  12. Mobile Employee App enhancements & improvements
  13. Universal Messenger client improvements
  14. Mango Recorder for Mac enhancements
  15. Mango Recorder for Windows client improvements
  16. New SSO proxy client integrated with windows authentication for password-less access
  17. Performance/speed improvements in the platform
GA release dates for our customers are as follows:
1. On US & Sydney multi-tenant cloud release goes live on Feb 13th (Mon), 2023
2. On Ireland & Germany multi-tenant cloud release goes live on Feb 14th (Tue)
3. On Singapore & US compliance multi-tenant cloud release goes live on Feb 15th (Wed)

Note: Release will be deployed on the above dates at a time that’s outside of the regular business hours (a.k.a late night) for your region’s data center. This is done to ensure no disruption of service will happen during your regular business hours.

View detailed release notes on MangoApps Customer Community Portal

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MangoApps Team