MangoApps 2018 Product Roadmap Items

Our product focus for 2018 is a good mix of improvements to current MangoApps modules, cool new features and integration with other enterprise systems. 

Here is our high-level MangoApps product plan for 2018.  Our priority has always been (and always will be) taking care of our existing customers’ needs first. That means listening to their feedback on a daily-basis and addressing items in our monthly releases. So, we are certain that the items in this list will evolve as we go through the year.  However, please know that even if this list changes a bit in the short-term, our entire team is 100% focused on creating the most advanced employee platform ever built.

  • Existing Modules & Features Upgrade
    • Most of the existing Mango modules will get a full pass of usability & functionality upgrades.  Improving existing modules and experience always takes priority over new modules & features.
    • Updates are primarily driven from our own usage of MangoApps + customer specific use-cases & requests.  If there is a feature/behavior that will improve your Mango experience, please let us know.
  • Platform Technology Upgrade
    • MangoApps platform technology will be upgraded to get faster & consistent end-user performance. From the operating system (Ubuntu) to the application stack (RoR, Ruby, jQuery etc.), we will be upgrading the underlying technology stack to the latest stable version.
    • HITRUST certification (third-party audit and certification of our production environment including security)
  • Introduce Workflows
    • Built-in workflows for better teamwork & visibility
    • Automation
  • Introduce AI/ML Driven Intelligence Module
    • Machine Learning based personalized recommendations engine (content discovery, reminders, suggestions)
  • Faster & Relevant Search on Web & Mobile
    • Simplified full content search with better results
    • Custom interfaces for specialized, use-case driven, searches (e.g. expertise search)
    • Search based integration with other enterprise systems
  • New Enterprise System Connectors & Integrations
    • Zapier based integrations with 3rd party systems
    • Microsoft flow connector
    • Deeper integration with o365 & GSuite
    • 3 to 5 new enterprise system connectors (e.g. ServiceNow, NetSuite, Kronos)
  • Video, Audio & Screen Share
    • Built-in video, audio and screen-sharing capability across web, desktop & mobile
    • Additional third-party connector for video conferencing service Zoom
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
    • Voice activated commands for quick access to information
    • Native support for recording, publishing and consuming podcasts
  • Co-Editing & Other Items
    • Upgraded rich-text editing experience including co-editing
    • Mango web-parts for easy content embedding in external systems
    • Ready-to-use site-wide templates & focused widgets

Overall, our product focus for 2018 strikes a good balance between improvements to current MangoApps modules, new features/capabilities and integration with other enterprise systems.  We feel this balanced approach will  ensure that MangoApps remains the perfect hub for your digital workplace.

We are super excited to see all these come to life over the course of the year and will keep you updated via our monthly release notes.