New Features For The Domain Admins

Here is the list of new admin features & improvements that are available in this release.

1. MangoApps Is Now A SAML Identity Provider

  • MangoApps is now a standalone-compliant SAML identity provider that can do both SP and IdP initiated SSO.
  • For any web app to use MangoApps as their SAML identity provider, the domain admin needs to first register the app with MangoApps. This can be done from the Admin Portal > Integration > SAML Apps  > Create a new app. After successful registration, you can download the SAML metadata XML that has all the information needed by the clients to use MangoApps as their SAML identity provider
  • Alternately admins can also provide single-sign-on (SSO) to their company’s line of business (LOB) apps that support SAML by adding links to the LOB apps on all the employees (MangoApps) dashboard. This can be done by following these 3 easy steps:
    • Register the line of business (LOB) apps that support SAML with MangoApps in Admin Portal > Integration > SAML Apps  > Create a new app
    • Copy the SSO link generated for each registered app
    • Go to Modules > Dashboard > Customize > Widget Gallery > Add Quick Links Widget. In the quick links widget paste the SSO links of the apps and publish the dashboard to all employees.
    • Login with your user id and password into MangoApps user portal and go to your dashboard. Click on the links to the different LOB Apps (in the links widget) and you should be signed-in automatically to these apps.


2. Bounced Email Management

  • MangoApps now provides a report on emails send out to all your users that were rejected due to the following 3 reasons.
    • Message Bounced
    • Message is Rejected
    • Recipient Unsubscribed
  • Domain admins can view this report under Domain > Email > Rejected List
  • When an email is rejected due to any of the above reasons, the email notification for that user is automatically turned off by MangoApps to avoid future attempts. The user is notified that their email notification has been turned off  via an in-app notification.
  • After the reason for the email rejection is rectified by the company’s email administrator, then the user has to turn back his email notification from Change My Settings > Notifications to start receiving emails again.


3. Company Branded Emails As An Option

  • Now all shared cloud (multi-tenant) customers have an option to get the email notifications they receive from MangoApps to be branded as per their company theme / guidelines.
  • To request for company branding of your emails, please contact us and one of our product specialists will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the steps of doing this.


4. Remote Management Of Windows Desktop & Mac Clients

  • Like already supported for mobile apps, MangoApps now has added support for remote device management of it’s Windows Desktop & Mac clients starting this release.
  • As a domain admin you can remotely
    • Disable access for an employee from using MangoApps from his windows desktop or mac client. User would be notified via a popup on the client and be immediately logged out.
    • Wipe out application data downloaded by an employee using MangoApps windows desktop or mac client.User would be notified via a popup on the client and be immediately logged out.
    • Get debug logs from the employee desktop /mac client and automatically email it to MangoApps support
  • Export report of active user devices in CSV/PDF format.