MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements & UX Improvements

1. Support For Remote Management Of Client by Domain Admin

  • Windows Desktop  & Mac Clients now have the in-built support required to allow the domain admins to remotely manage these clients.
  • Remote management of clients includes
    • Auto disable access to MangoApps immediately from the windows desktop/mac client. User receives an in-app push notification.
    • Auto wipe out application data downloaded using MangoApps windows desktop/mac client. User receives an in-app push notification.
    • Automatically send debug logs from desktop/mac client on request from domain admin (done in the background)

2. Chat Settings Changes

  • On creating a new ad-hoc chat group, you can now select who can see the members. The options are
    • Domain & Team Admins only
    • Any Team Member
  • If the domain admin has turned off the ability to delete chat messages, then while posting a chat message users won’t get the ‘delete on read’ option anymore.

3. Toaster Improvements (Windows Only)

  • Toaster now has all the types of notifications integrated into it. These notifications includes
    • New Feed Notification
    • New Private Message Notification
    • New Chat Notification
    • Presence Change Notification
  • Users have the ability to go thru’ all the notifications in the toaster using the previous and next buttons

4. Installer Improvements (Mac Only)

  • When you upgrade to the latest version of MangoApp client now you don’t need to exit the app.
  • The installation process has been improved to automatically exit the app during installation and then re-launch it once the installation is completed.

5. Misc UX Improvements

  • Images dragged and dropped into chat are now automatically sent and don’t require the user to post a message along with it
  • Using the keyboard shortcut “CMD + A” you can now select all the chat messages in your active chat window