Mango Release 16.0

MangoApps 16.0 release brings features that make it easier & faster for internal communications team / intranet managers to setup modern company & team sites with flexible customization options, do engaging employee communication campaigns to targeted user segments over multiple channels with in-built deep insights, new branding & customization tools for setting up a modern dashboard/home, new visual options for posts widget & much more. Leadership, people managers, supervisors and employees get a new Mango Recorder app which makes it easier to record your screen & video to share in posts, provide support, create training programs, show in context & communicate much more effectively. With the new feeds prioritization, internal communications team can ensure that employees see the most relevant posts on top, personalized for them without drowning them in less relevant communication. A new notification center that brings together all notifications as per employee preference on web, mobile & messenger apps, New recommendations for admins to improve engagement & adoption is built into the platform. Integration with Paycom, improved vault security, feedback we received brought into the new search interface (beta) – there is just a lot to discover in this release!

  1. New Customization Capabilities For Main Navigation 
  2. Simplification of User Actions in the Top Bar
  3. New Mango Recorder for Asynchronous Visual Messaging
  4. Upgraded Customization Capabilities for Dashboard
  5. Upgraded Page Designer for Company & Team Pages
  6. Upgraded Campaigns Module for your Internal Communications Team
  7. SharePoint & Teams Cloud Files Integration with MangoApps
  8. Activities Evolved into Notifications with User Control
  9. Intelligent Prioritized News Feed
  10. Post Enhancements for Internal Communications Team
  11. Personalized Recommendations For Employees & Admins
  12. AI based Image Analysis, Auto Tagging & PII Detection
  13. Learn Module for Guest Users & Certificate Improvements
  14. Company Module Gets New Out-of-the-Box Departments Page
  15. Share Updates & Questions with Team Segments 
  16. Send Messages to User Segments
  17. Vault Security,  Paycom Connector & Misc Enhancements
  18. New Languages Support Added 
  19. More Improvements to New Search UI & Engine
  20. More Branding Enhancements
  21. Miscellaneous Improvements (Library, Browser Tabs etc)
  22. Universal and Windows Messenger Improvements
  23. MangoApps Mobile Apps Enhancements & Improvements
  24. What’s Removed/Changed?   

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