Bug Fixes in this Release

This is the list of bugs reported in prior versions of MangoApps that have been fixed in this release

Web/Platform Fixes:

  • Copy Link didn’t work for browsers with no flash installed in pages. This has now been handled by opening a dialog on the browser where flash is not-installed/disabled and a copy button has been provided.
  • Super password (for domain admins) didn’t work if it had accented characters. This has now been fixed to support accented characters in the password.
  • When a team had only one module enabled, ability for non-members to send a join request didn’t work. This issue has been addressed in this release and users can post a join request in a project even if it has only 1 module enabled.
  • Tasks life-cycle configured to automatically move to delivered status on finish wasn’t working in some cases. This issue has been addressed and is now the default configuration on all new projects.
  • Posts widget on company dashboard has a “view all” link which on click, didn’t take the user to the company posts page (if that page was hidden). This has been address to always take the user to company posts page.

Windows & Mac Native Client Fixes:

  • Windows client crashing during certain voice notification messages has been fixed.
  • Windows client wasn’t updating the file sync icons in explorer view if Dropbox client was installed on the desktop.
  • Mac client delete team menu wasn’t working in earlier versions has now been fixed.
  • Mac client wasn’t handling the open chat window on new message properly. This has been fixed in this version.
  • Mac client was truncating the custom status message on the user’s profile window. This UI issue has been fixed now.
  • Mac client used to crash on Command+Z in a chat window. This crash has been fixed in this version.
  • Mac client used to overlap the typing indicator on the chat send box at times. This UI issue has been fixed in this version.
  • Mac client used to show “47 years ago” for some chat messages. This time issue is now fixed.
  • Mac client wasn’t clearing the cache when the “clear cache” button was click. This behaviour has been fixed to clear the cache.